Saturday, 21 August 2010

Well, you seem to be happy enough on that lantus dose, but you took your time deciding! You've got me all jittery at night though, after those hypos - now if I wake I HAVE to test just to make sure I'm going to survive the night! Last night was really annoying - I bet you knew that my bedside meter's batteries were running low, didn't you? All that messing about getting up and going downstairs to get the other meter, and then I was 5.0...hahaha! Most amusing, I don't think!

Now, what's all this business with needing lots more insulin for breakfast than any other time of the day? How come I can have one slice of toast in the morning and need 6 or 7 units, but by lunchtime I can eat three times as much for practically the same dose? How come you're so resistant to insulin in the morning? Or is my liver always particularly active at that time? How am I supposed to know? I don't suppose it really matters, but when you have me convinced that I need lower doses for all my meals EXCEPT breakfast it's very confusing and unfair of you.

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  1. I would just like to mention my insulin/carb ration in the morning is 1:4 Yet the evening is 1:12 and its different on weekends
    so yeah, I know what your talking about