Friday, 22 July 2011

Seven months!

Good grief, I can't believe I haven't written to you for seven months! Do you think it is because you have been behaving yourself? Well, hardly. Although the headline figures look good they're hiding all the ups and downs you've been putting me through. It seems every time I decide to get off my behind and start doing regular exercise it really wakes you up and just the mention of insulin sets my levels plummeting! A few weeks ago I had 25 hypos in a fortnight and my 14-day average on my meter was 5.0 mmol/l! And that's including all my post-meal readings too! Now that I've had a few days off to try and get my levels back to somewhere reasonable my 7 day average has shot up to 7.7! I even had a 13.3 last night and had to give a correction! Why can't you just use the insulin you need and then pee the rest away?

Anyway, I'm off to meet loads of people tomorrow who know you pretty well and don't be surprised if we all thumb our noses in unison  - yes, we'll be doing it to YOU!!!!

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