Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Gah! Seven hypos in two days! You're having a laugh! You just don't know how to deal with a little increase in physical activity, do you? I've been dropping the insulin like a hot rock over the past three days and you're still complaining that it's too much! I've been guzzling jelly babies and ginger cake all day - what's the point of exercising if you have to eat all that stuff afterwards? Tut!

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  1. Any time I've started an exercise routine, I end up eating more than what I've burned because of lows. It takes some time to know what you need to decrease in insulin per day do accommodate the calories your burning and your hightened metabolism. That's another part that sucks about diabetes - you have to be patient and work on working into a routine. You can't just jump into it like people with nice, cooperative, non-bum pancreases can. Good luck to you and your exercise venture! :-)